Love Handles

What exactly are love handles? Both man and women can have them. They are the bulges of fat that hang a little bit from the sides, and the lower back. You can also say they are the parts of the body that can be grabbed onto while making love – hence the expression “love handles”. And they are not entirely a bad thing. If a woman does not have a little something there, maybe even tiny ones, she may just be too skinny.

I’ve had love handles for as long as I can remember. I think it may have something to do with the way I am built. I remember when I just about got rid of them. In the 1980’s I took a bicycle trip through part of France with my dad, for about 10 days. On our adventure we ate well – drinking wine, having steaks, and rich desserts. Yet the amount of rigorous exercise I was doing each and every day markedly reduced those love handles at the journey’s end.

This blog is going to explore ways to lose hip fat and – you guessed it – love handles! I intend to provide valuable info regarding how to lose weight, how to lose love handles, and may even include information regarding the best diet to lose weight. I hope you enjoy it!

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