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About Me

Hey thanks for checking out the site, for those who are interested in who I am I just thought I’d share some information about myself…

My name is Barry Gordon. Four years ago I was sitting at my desk at work, staring out of the window, and had a scary thought, like that everything might just end, and I had a panic attack. I was pretty well shaken, and had to go downstairs and walk around the block. I came back up to work, but I had to leave early, drive home and go to bed. This was the start of a series of panic attacks I had for a number of months. I searched the Internet for answers, and discovered a program that really helped me. Email me for further info if you need to. After some time I discovered I could share this product and help others as I was helped, so I immediately started sharing it. I have since discovered some amazing products that have made a difference in peoples lives, and created websites such as this one, with valuable information and some great products.

This is my latest site – Lose Hip Fat Love Handles.com. The title is self-explanatory, and I hope to provide value, informative reading, and some great products that really work!

And now for a disclosure statement: The website owner (me) is an affiliate of the products recommended on this website.

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